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South Australia's Trusted Labour Hire Services

At Direct Labour, we are able to manage all your workforce needs efficiently and effectively with rapid access to a mix of skilled and semi-skilled local workers, international job seekers, and seasoned professionals.

Our staffing solutions allow you a number of flexible options including casual, permanent, contract and seasonal labour – all responsive to your needs and requirements. Partnering with us ensures a swift response with the right people put in place at the right time to meet your business requirements.

Our Process for Successful Labour Hire

We follow a series of steps to ensure a successful recruitment process. Candidates undergo screening based on their skill level, experience, and compatibility with your workplace culture. Additionally, we assess their overall suitability for the position while considering their individual needs.

1. Online Registration

All applicants must complete our online registration form which captures personal data and detail about their previous work history and experience.

2. Phone Screening

Potential candidates are followed up with an initial phone interview and information session. We then schedule face-to-face interviews with all shortlisted applicants.

3. Interview

Face-to-face interviews give us an opportunity to meet in person and gather additional information from the candidates to determine their suitability for the role & build rapport.

4. Reference/Background Check

We check to ensure all relevant tickets/licences are compliant and up to date. Additionally we confirm each candidate holds a valid working visa and verify their work experience.

5. Onboarding

The successful candidate receives all employment documents and WHS induction material. We brief them on what is expected in terms of specific responsibilities and deliverables.

6. Begin Work

Once the candidate begins working with our client, we continue to provide post-placement support and feedback to ensure quality & maintain a successful ongoing relationship.
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Direct Labour - Our Point of Difference

Our goal is a seamless process from start to finish. Our tailored labour solutions are founded upon strong personal relationships and a commitment to precisely meet our clients' requirements. We have the capability to adapt swiftly and flexibly, overcoming the typical obstacles encountered by larger competitors.

Personal Service

We go beyond the basics to thoroughly understand your specific needs, ensuring the solutions we offer are a perfect fit.


We value openness and transparency which allows us to build trust and establish enduring connections with employers and job seekers alike.

Ongoing Support

We provide continuous support for both our labour hire clients and employees, ensuring a seamless and supportive partnership.

Labour Hire Costs

What's included?

If you are considering using a labour hire company, you might be wondering what is included in the workers hourly rate. If you are a labour hire employee, you may wonder about the difference between your wage and the price the labour hire company charges the organisation where you are placed.

Here is a breakdown of costs included in the employees wage when using our labour hire agreement:


All employers must hold insurance for their workers. Public liability insurance protects your company against personal injury to a third party or damage to their property. Workers compensation insurance provides protection for employees with a temporary income should they become injured at work.


Every employee is entitled to a superannuation guarantee payment based on their earnings. We make an employer contribution of 11% to all of our employees chosen super fund accounts and cover all associated costs.

Recruitment Costs

Depending on the type of role being filled there will be various costs involved in the recruitment process. These can include advertising and marketing costs, interviewing, reference checks, visa entitlement verification (where applicable), health screening, inductions, credit checks, travel and admin costs.

Payroll Costs

The cost of payroll includes the weekly administrative time and resources it takes to prepare, process and report plus the cost of the payroll team itself. We also cover costs associated with PAYG payments, lodgements to the Australian Tax Office and record keeping.

Payroll Tax

Payroll tax is a state tax calculated on wages which generally sits around 5% and is lodged with the Office of State Revenue on a monthly basis.

Training and Tickets

If required we will cover any necessary training and industry cards/tickets for our employees prior to them beginning work.

Personal Protection Equipment and Workwear

Full personal protective equipment as required for the position is included as part of our labour rates.


Our service fee is dependant on the position, the length of employment, number of workers and the client relationship.

Simple and effective. We will rapidly source and deliver quality workers for your projects or ongoing operations.


Frequently asked Questions and Answers

At Direct Labour, we often encounter similar questions from our candidates and clients about our labour hire services. To address these frequently asked questions, we’ve compiled a list that covers key information you might need.

Client FAQs

What is a labour hire arrangement?

A labour hire arrangement is one where a labour hire business provides labour (workers) to you,
the host employer. The labour hire business is ultimately the employer and responsible for the worker’s
remuneration. All workers are employed by Direct Labour and supplied to you based on an agreed hourly rate.

What locations do you operate in?

Direct Labour provides workers in both regional and metro South Australia including the most remote locations where accommodation and transport barriers exist. We also service other states meeting the area specific needs of our clients. Check out our About Us page for more information.

What areas do you specialise in?

We specialise in casual labour hire, contract labour hire and volume labour hire in the construction and agricultural sectors. We also offer workforce solutions across many other industries including manufacturing, engineering, mining, renewable energy, hospitality & tourism. Our candidates often come with a range of skills and experiences that span multiple industries so we are able to source for almost any occupation.

How quick can you provide me with workers?

We can provide you with reliable semi-skilled and skilled labourers at short notice depending on your requirements. We have an extensive network across many industries with a database of candidates to select from. For specialist placements at short notice we will work closely with you to source your labour as a priority. Being a boutique labour hire business we are totally flexible and able to readily focus on your needs. Alternatively, we will plan for your long-term requirements and can arrange single or bulk placements well in advance.

What is the minimum length for a labour hire placement?

Minimum lengths of placement are always negotiable and subject to individual circumstances. Relationships to our clients is of utmost importance so we strive to meet your demands. We also understand the needs of our candidates and work to provide them with security of tenure. As a guide we prefer worker placements for a minimum of four weeks, full-time.

Do you offer permanent placements?

If you are in search for a permanent placement we may consider a view to permanency after a minimum of 6 months of continuous labour hire.

What is the cost of labour hire?

You will be charged a predetermined hourly rate for our employees. These rates are based on industry standards, skills required, and market demand. We maintain transparency in our pricing, which is  inclusive of all services and without any hidden charges.

We maintain relatively low overheads compared to our larger competitors so we are able to provide extremely competitive rates with a more personalised service.

What is included in your rates?

Our rates include the cost of labour plus additional costs such as public liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, superannuation, PAYG, payroll tax, visa entitlement verification (where applicable), PPE and workwear (where applicable). You can find more details here.

Is labour hire cost effective?

Our labour hire service allows you to focus on your business whilst we take care of your staffing needs. We take all the hassle out of finding and securing workers, we ensure compliance, and we will save you administrative time and manpower managing your payroll. You will have no costs until your new employee starts work.

We take care of:

Recruitment: advertising, screening, background checks, visa and working rights checks

Administration: contracts, policies and procedures, TFN, banking details and superannuation

Insurances: workers compensation, public liability plus relevant inductions

Taxes: PAYG, payroll tax and record keeping

Do you provide workers with PPE?

Direct Labour will ensure our workers arrive ready for work with all essential Personal Protective Equipment. If your site has specific or specialised safety requirements, let us know and we will work with you to ensure our workers are compliant.

How can I be sure of getting quality staff?

Direct Labours recruitment process ensures we provide staff who have the relevant experience to meet your specific needs. We do our best to screen for cultural fit and always install in our workers the importance of punctuality, reliability and safety. In the rare occurrence where a worker turns out to be not suitable we will provide a replacement as rapidly and as smoothly as possible.

What is your recruitment process?

Our recruitment process ensures the quality of our workers. Candidates are evaluated based on their relevant experience, skills, and compatibility with your workplace culture.

Can I replace an unsuitable worker?

We will work with you to replace any workers not meeting your standards.

Do you provide post-placement support?

We provide continuous support for both our clients and employees, ensuring a seamless and supportive partnership with long-term success. We address any issues promptly to maintain a high level of reliability.

What are the benefits of using labour hire?

  • we manage all recruitment and administration tasks
  • there is no employment risk to your business
  • your receive flexible and rapid workforce solutions 
  • if we don't find you the right person, there is no cost

Do you provide services not listed on your website?

Yes, if you have any other enquiries contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Candidate FAQs

What is labour hire?

Labour hire refers to the arrangement where a business outsources  staffing needs to a labour hire company specialising in providing temporary or permanent staff for a fee. These workers are employed by the labour hire company but work under the direction and supervision of the business using their services.

What will I be paid?

The rate of pay for any worker will vary depending on each job. The site you will be working on, your position/job description and the time/day you will work on are some factors that will affect your rate of pay. For more information on hourly rates that will relate to you please contact us on 0419850805.

Will I get paid allowances?

Direct Labour will always pay its casual employees any additional allowances such as travel allowances, meal allowances and site allowances etc. based on industry standards and as required by law.

What is a TFN?

A tax file number (TFN) is your personal reference number used in the Australian tax and superannuation systems. It is an important part of your identification so please ensure you keep it secure. Once you start working with Direct Labour you will be required to fill in a Tax File Number Declaration form which you will be issued online via our candidate portal. For information about how to fill in your TFN declaration visit the ATO's website.

What is superannuation?

Superannuation is the compulsory retirement contribution made by all employers paid in addition to the employees wages. Up until June 30th 2024 the super guarantee your employer must pay is 11.0% of your salary into a super fund of your choice. From 1st July 2024 the super guarantee will increase to 11.5%. As an employee you need to supply Direct Labour with your super fund details when you register.

What is 'Casual Labour'?

Casual Labour is a form of employment in Australia where employees are paid at a higher rate in place of guaranteed job security and benefits commonly associated with full-time roles. You will still receive the guaranteed superannuation employer contribution plus any overtime allowances worked.

What am I required to bring on my first day at work?

For construction related work, at the very least you will need to have a White Card (General Construction Industry Card) and basic PPE (hard hat, hi-vis top, steel toe cap boots, long sleeved pants and shirt, safety glasses and gloves). For all other industry specific requirements refer to your contract or contact us at

Will there be any overtime work available?

While it is not normal, there may be a chance to work overtime depending on the needs of your workplace. If you work overtime hours you will be paid penalty rates accordingly.

How will I be paid?

All our workers are paid as outlined in their employment contracts and will usually be in the same pay cycle as the other employees working with the host business. It is common practice for the pay cycle to be weekly. Once you begin work with us you will have access to our online timesheet portal to fill out your daily hours worked. At the end of the working week your timesheet will be automatically submitted for approval. Your pay will be processed the following day. Depending on who you bank with, your pay should arrive on the same day or within 24 hours. Copies of your timesheets will all be readily available for downloading direct from your personal timesheet portal.

What is your process of addressing concerns and providing feedback?

We encourage open dialogue, regularly seeking feedback from both workers and clients. Feedback is a two-way communication process. Concerns are addressed promptly, and this continuous improvement loop is crucial to enhancing the labour hire process for everyone involved.

How can I ensure consistency of work?

Our clients can't always guarantee consistent employment and work can fluctuate due to the nature of their industries. However, once you are working with us we will always do our best to provide you with consistent work. If work finishes with one employer we will endeavour to source you new work with a new employer with minimal disruption and loss of time as possible. When you begin employment you generally start on a casual basis. There is potential for full-time work for the candidates that are placed on longer term assignments.

What jobs are currently available?

All currently available jobs are on our websites Jobs page. You can apply direct for a position we have advertised or you can register as a general enquiry and we will actively seek employment for you. The best way to proceed in your job hunt is to register through our portal here so we can assess your skills and experience and place you on our database ready for the next opportunity. Once you have registered you will have your own login and will be able to update your profile at any time and access available jobs.

Will attaining more tickets and licenses improve my chances of finding work?

Yes, the more tickets and licenses you have the more likely it is we will be able to match you with an employer. Employers often look for workers who hold various tickets related to their industry and in some cases they are a vital necessity. Some examples include: Working at Heights ticket, Elevated Work Platform (EWP) ticket, Working in Confined Space, First Aid ticket, Forklift license.

Any More Questions
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